Our candles collection Ego Vanity Húbris bring natural wax fragrances to a relaxing time

arrogâncias Fragrances


ARROGÂNCIAS is a metaphoric story,
through multiple states of mind, EGO, VANITY and HUBRIS were designed to conceive you a relaxing and addictive break time that will build a feeling trail at your home.

The collection comes in three distinctive scents, impersonating three pompous identities, where the elements were carefully selected to match, building an identity,  aiming to amuse different scent lovers,

“EGO the citric, VANITY the sweet, HÚBRIS the woodsy…”

HOMMÉS ARROGÂNCIAS has the purpose of driving you
of this modern world, obsessed by a state of mind,
to the scents of metaphorical emotions
in the shape 
of an irresistible fragrant wax.


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#pride #cockiness #pomposity #conceit #ego #vanity #superb