An unexpected house in a quiet London suburb

In a quiet London suburb, it’s possible to find a house that stands out from all the rest.

The majority of homes in Coombe Park, Kingston, are either stately neoclassical manses or charming brick-clad bungalows.

However, there’s a strikingly contemporary private residence, designed by architecture firm Eldridge London.

This home absolutely escapes the norms of the neighborhood, featuring an undulating triangular shape and a sinusoidal aluminum façade.

Discover more about this outstanding architectural project below.


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The client came to the firm with well-formed ideas for the interiors but had no preconceptions about the exterior appearance.

Project architect Mike Gibson told AD that the client wished to have some privacy from the street but also an abundance of natural light in internal spaces.

The outstanding solution found by Eldridge London’s firm was an abstract corrugated aluminum façade on the street-facing side of the house, with an all-glass exterior facing the garden.

Plus, its façade appears to be hovering over the ground. Amazing, isn’t it?



The neighborhood’s design review committee described it as a “quintessentially ‘Coombe’ house and it absolutely approved the avant-garde design.

Maintaining conformity to the established building line and heights of its neighbors, this home features a front lawn and a back garden with several layers. It provides a place to take tea, and even a garden shed.

Eldridge London was commissioned by the owner of a post-war bungalow set in a half-acre of garden amongst ancient oak trees and rhododendrons.

Being an enthusiastic patron of contemporary architecture, the owner of the property encouraged the practice to design a building of its time in contrast to the predominantly faux classical villas of the neighbourhood.


Gibson stated that the integration of the building and landscape was critical from the very earliest concept proposals.

Eldrige London’s interiors planning was also impressive, with skylights bring additional natural light into the living space on the ground floor.

In the roof of the garden level living space is lawn and two rooflights, one in the shape of an eye, the other a crescent let daylight and sunlight in to the depth of the lower level spaces and views from the interior to the trees and sky.



Interiors feature wood, marble, and concrete, joined in a harmonious, elegant look.

This house is literally enveloped by the garden. The raising of the [second] floor and the embedding of the garden level into the hillside meant that the entrance lawn, which is the roof of the lower level, continues past and around the entrance rotunda, reaching out towards the lower rear garden


Eldridge London was also encharged of the design of the landscape and planting.
As such, they included a natural swimming pond also geometrically tied to the plan form of the house.

The garden’s perimeter is surrounded by a concrete wall and in front of which are planted tall fastigiated hornbeams which envelop the site in a green curtain of foliage.

The House in Coombe Park has received several awards. It won ‘Large House of the Year’ at the British Homes Awards 2017, and won the prestigious Manser Medal for the best house in the UK.

As the jury commented (and anyone can agree) this is a house that can’t be ignored. It was beautifully designed and built, with close attention to detail. A well-executed ‘grand project’ of domestic architecture!”


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